Blinded Choices

Free Will? It’s bittersweet.

I choose to care, and eventually, I love.

I choose to hate, but only because I care, therefore, I still love.

When I grow tired of hating, the love I chose to burry, resurrects, takes over, and I choose to allow its consumption of me.

I chose to allow love to consume me.

Love is blind? NO, love causes blindness.

Love at first sight, caused me to desire more and so I ran & leaped & began to fall…



I kept falling until your gravitational pull grew stronger…making me fall faster.

YOU chose to catch me.


 ….BUT you also chose to fear.

You chose to turn an act of love into a good Samaritan deed.

I chose to believe the catch was reciprocity of emotional and romantic intimacy.

Silly me. Silly we.

Blinded Love choices…bittersweet.

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My Biggest Regret?


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